If you’re still hunting for last-miute costume ideas, look to the kids’ of LIVE!, who strutted the studio runway in their 2013 Halloween garb.

Inspired by Netflix’s hit series “Orange is the New Black,” Kelly, Michael and Babycenter.com blogger Laurie Gelman (also producer Michael Gelman’s wife) led the segment decked out in prison attire. Simple orange scrubs from a uniform supply company (also available from amazon.com) embellished with D.O.C letters in black mimicked the show’s iconic inmate apparel. Handcuffs, a walkie talkie and USB car charger attached to his shirt added to the blue shirt and black pants.

Misha Gelman, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, paired a simple red cape with a red gingham dress and black cape. Add a basket and all you need is the wolf.

The Pisano family dressed as NY Giants players and cheerleader. Dodge and Remi Pisano were Eli Manning, #10 Michael Strahan, #92. We had the jerseys made by customglamgirl.com (you can even get your own child’s name). Sophia’s cheerleading costume is available from NFL.com (you can get spiritwear for your favorite team).

Caden and Luke Weiner, producer Jan Schillay’s boys, were dressed as a Ninja and Zombie, respetively. There are a variety of Ninja costumes available from karatemart.com, or you can simply use black sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt and add a red sash and black facemask or headpiece.

Luke’s Zombie costume is perhaps one of the easiest. Rip up a pair of old pants and fray the bottom and arms of a shirt. Smear on some red paint for blood, and use white face paint or baby powder for a walking dead complexion.

The Strahan twins did not dress alike, but expressed their personalities with sweet, colorful costumes. Sophia’s Flower Child costume was from www.chasing-fireflies.com, a great source for high-quality costumes. We paired Isabella’s Cowgirl costume with pink cowgirl boots also from www.chasing-fireflies.com

Amanda and Logan Raptis were Randall and Mike Wazowski from Monster’s U. Amanda’s costume was perhaps the most complex. Made from purple fleece, a custom pattern was created to replicate Randall’s arms and tail. Mike Wazowski’s costume is available from halloweencostumes.com.

And finally, Kelly’s son Joqauin Consuelo was a gory ghost. His mask worked with a tube system, and actually looked like blood was dripping down his face when he squeezed the tube. His mask, paired with a black cape and gown, created an awesome, hauntingly spooky look. The mask is available from newyorkcostumes.com.