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Kelly's Fashion Finder

Serving as key wardrobe stylist and costume designer for “Live with Kelly & Michael” for the last six
years, Faith Cromas has provided the discerning eye behind Kelly’s unique style.

Faith’s approach to styling is both simple and elegant – which is very much reflected in her clothing
choices. First and foremost she avoids trends, instead focusing on what’s truly special about each individual,
making fashion looks that each celebrity can definitively call their own.

It’s exactly this philosophy that has created a style sensibility for Kelly that so clearly celebrates her
femininity, sense of humor, and the joy for life that she brings to each and every show.

Michelle Champagne is the Emmy Award winning makeup artist behind Kelly’s bright eyes and flawless smile
each day on LIVE.

In addition to being the show’s key makeup artist for the past fifteen years, she has also worked with beauties
such as Cameron Diaz, Cate Blanchett and Brooke Shields; leading men such as Samuel L. Jackson and Keifer
Sutherland, world-renown politicians including President George W. Bush, President Bill Clinton and Vice
President Al Gore; and acclaimed photographers Albert Watson, Nigel Perry, Tom Schenk and Dana Fineman.

Known for her incredible makeovers, Michelle’s approach to beauty is to create a radiant complexion, and
then enhance each woman’s uniqueness and personal vision of how they want to appear. Michelle’s sensitive
touch and years of expertise have always provided stunning results. Check out her
Beauty Blog!

Emmy Award winning hairstylist, Diane D’Agostino, is the magic touch behind Kelly’s fresh and fun hairstyles
every day on the set of Live.

During her 20 year career in the entertainment industry, Diane has styled the heads of journalists and entertainers
from Barbara Walters, Joan Lunden, Kathie Lee Gifford, and Willow Bay, to Brooke Shields and Kathy Griffin, and many
other high-profile actresses. She’s styled the heads of First Ladies Laura Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Lady Bird
Johnson – and has created the on-air looks for scores of Network and local television news personalities throughout
New York and Los Angeles.

Diane creates the star coifs you see on the red carpet and can make any head look like a stars’. She specializes in
unique cutting and styling, and creating the elegant and magical upswept styles perfect for special occasions, or in
Kelly’s case, just another day at the office!