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Congratulations Wendy Tickel! Your School will receive eInstruction by Turning Technologies!

eInstruction by Turning Technologies creates edtech solutions that manage, enhance and deliver instructional and assessment content to improve learner success while collecting critical data for use in meaningful ways. Purpose-driven technology supports research- based learning theories and provides educators the ability to assess understanding in real- time, report student progress indicators and see measurable gains in student retention with longitudinal data. In order to equip the Top Teacher winners for success, we are providing five Collaborative Classroom packages featuring our leading solutions for K-12 environments. Each package contains the following products: Insight 360 personalized instructional platform that enables mobile learning and collaborative classrooms, accompanying Mobi 360 mobile interactive whiteboard to remotely pilot the Insight 360 software, ResponseCard NXT clickers featuring alphanumeric entry and self-paced testing mode, ExamView Learning series license that includes over 15,000 unique, high-quality standards’-aligned assessment items, award- winning WorkSpace interactive whiteboard software and a Touch Board interactive whiteboard that allows for touch recognition. Learn more about our industry-leading learning solutions by calling 866.746.3015.