Viola Davis discusses her new documentary, A Touch of Sugar, which looks at the way diabetes affects Americans in communities across the country.

According to Davis, 30 million adults in America are diabetic and 84 million have pre-diabetes.

“When you get a diabetes diagnosis, one thing that happens is nothing. You know, you get a cancer diagnosis – you hear about chemo, you hear about radiation, you hear about hormones. You hear about all of your options. And when you have diabetes, you are left alone.”

Many of her family members have passed away from diabetes complications, currently have diabetes or are pre-diabetic. Davis learned that she has pre-diabetes about a year and a half ago.

When Davis received the diagnosis, she thought, “Me? I eat healthy. I work out. What else can I do?”

The documentary, which is narrated by Davis, discusses the social impact of the disease, how it affects communities, emotional challenges, and more.

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