Smile…You’re on Canine Camera! Tips for taking photos of your dog…with Me Ra Koh

Dog owners post about their canine companions, on social media, 6 times a week and 1 in 10 owners has created a profile for their pup!

Tip #1...Get your dog’s energy out before trying to take photos! Take him to the dog park or play with him in the yard…easier to get him to sit still for photographs.

Tip # 2…Choose the right backdrop for your dog’s color! The right backdrop makes your dog “pop” in photographs, instead of fading into it.

Tip #3...Get down to your dog’s level to shoot! Shooting at eye level with your dog will accentuate their personality, size and story.

Tip #4...Get your distracted dog’s attention! A dog toy that squeaks or a set of keys that jingle will get your dog’s attention. But never call out your dog’s name, he’ll just run to you and ruin your shot.

Tip #5…Choose the right camera setting on your smartphone! Switch from “Photo” to “Portrait Mode” for better light and a blurry background.

Tip #6…Set phone camera to “Burst Mode,” get more photos at once! This is super helpful if your dog is moving.

Tip #7...Avoid using a flash! A flash is too distracting for your dog, so use natural light, whenever possible.

Tip #8...Reward your posing dog’s behavior with treats! It’s the perfect way to get them to pose for you, again and again!

Tip #9...Dogs need filters, too! A Snapchat or Instagram filter can make ordinary photos of your pet extraordinary!

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