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Enter the LIVE Acts of Kindness Contest! LIVE and EXTRA® have teamed up to celebrate the small gestures that create meaningful connections for us each and every day!  Nominate a friend or loved one for their small act of kindness and they could win exciting prizes! 5 nominees will win $500 and a year's supply of EXTRA Gum! 1 Grand Prize Winner will receive $10,000 and a like donation will be made to their favorite charity! | Step One: NOMINATE your friend or loved one by telling us about their small act of kindness below! | Step Two: Give their act a little more recognition and inspire others by Sharing it to #liveAOK | Step Three: TUNE IN to see if your nominee is a winner!  LIVE will be announcing its lucky winners on the show each week! Enter Now Click Here For Official Rules
My friend left a hand-written note for me on my car windshield the day of my big interview! | My sister paid for the groceries of an army veteran who stood behind her in line. | My neighbor welcomed us to the neighborhood by shoveling our driveway in a snow storm!