LAVERNE COX returns to talk about the movie “Bad Hair,” and Kelly and Ryan interview MMA fighter JUAN ARCHULETA.
The hosts also meet Dr. Jamie Peyton of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.


The Wildlife Disaster Network includes veterinarians, wildlife biologists, ecologists, trained animal care volunteers and rehabilitation centers. The crew will provide a formal framework for wildlife search and rescue, field triage and transport, along with a long-term rehabilitation care system for wildlife injured by wildfires.

So far this year, California has experienced nearly two months of record-setting wildfires that have burned over 4 million acres in the Golden State, but the initial wave -- a series of complex fires ignited in August by lightning during an unusual weather pattern -- happened before the official wildfire season. CDFW said the newly established network is preparing to assist with injured wildlife for many months.

"As we all know, there is nothing normal about the number or intensity of the wildfires we’ve seen," said CDFW Communications Manager Kirsten Macintyre. "We know that more burned animals will come in, and in order to respond to the need, we need to have resources – trained staff, equipment, and a plan."

A hotline has been established for first responders, utility workers and the general public to coordinate care for injured wildlife. Those in need of assistance should call 1-800-942-6459. For those interested in donating to the Wildlife Disaster Network, visit

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