“Orange is the New Black” star JASON BIGGS chats with Kelly and Michael.

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CHER LLOYD performs for the LIVE audience.

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And DR. GREG YAPALATER shows the hosts the best way to treat bumps, bruises and bug bites.

Dr. Greg Yapalater’s Tips:

– bumps should get smaller by the next day. If bigger consult a medical professional
– bruises often are bigger or darker the next day and that’s not a concern
– for bumps on the head even if there are no other symptoms consult with a medical professional
-for cuts that are getting more red, painful or developing pus consult a medical professional
-if the edges of a cut are widely separated stitches might be necessary
– if a cut bleeds excessively put pressure on it and consult with a medical professional
– for deeper cuts or puncture wounds make sure your tetanus vaccine is up to date

-If you are known to be allergic to bee stings seek immediate medical attention
When stung
-bees are attracted to sweet scents so eat your ice cream indoors
– mosquito netting is an effective non chemical method to prevent mosquito

-Prevent blisters by covering “hot spots” or red inflamed areas with moleskin or
Medical tape
-open or popped blisters can get infected so disinfect and apply antibiotic ointment
-blisters that cover a large area or occur on the face should be checked by a health professional

health /safety /first aid kit contents
10 alcohol pads or other disinfectant
10 waterproof band aids
1 tube cortisone cream
1 tube antibiotic ointment
1 pair tweezers
1 roll ace bandage
5 4inch square gauze pads
1 Motrin or Tylenol tablets or syrup
1 box of Benadryl tablets or syrup
1 insect repellant
1 roll of medical/sports tape