“Live” celebrates the wedding of two essential workers as “Live’s I in I Do Week” concludes. In addition to the wedding celebration, JERRY O’CONNELL and REBECCA ROMIJN, and Kelly and her husband MARK CONSUELOS, go head-to-head with the wedding couple in a fun game to see how well the couples really know each other.


Affectionately dubbed The Soul Prince, Calvin Richardson's most recent CD, Gold Dust, is all about relationships and Calvin knows a thing or two about writing love songs. He has recorded with and written songs for everyone from Angie Stone and Raphael Saadiq to Charlie Wilson. Vibe Magazine touts Calvin Richardson “feeds your soul some good vibes” and USA Today declares that his “gritty vocals set him apart from his smoother contemporaries.” The singer says his upbringing gave him invaluable insight into relationships. He says, “I was raised surrounded by women - my mom, my grandmother, aunts, sister, cousins, church ladies etc. I learned the heartbeat of what makes women tick. The mystique of a woman versus her overt authenticity is what inspires me to address matters of the heart and much of what I learned is reflected in my music." Calvin is also celebrating the release of a new book Do You Without Them. The song performed on the show "Can't Let Go" is from his recording All Or Nothing. Here is the lyric video for the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-C20Z_WZwA

All great soulmen possess an earnest and instantly identifiable sound capable of permeating your very soul. Marvin, Teddy and Luther had it and singer/songwriter Calvin Richardson has it too. Uncle Charlie, the iconic Charlie Wilson, calls Calvin “one of the most talented artists in the business." Calvin co-wrote Wilson’s hit “There Goes My Baby” with Babyface. “When I write, I’m writing for that hopeless romantic inside of me who deeply believes that love changes everything,” says Calvin. “I realized over the years that there are so many people out there that feel exactly as I do and who need that deep belief to be nurtured so that it can flourish. That’s why I just write from my heart.” Calvin Richardson’s Gold Dust proves with every note why he has earned the title “The Soul Prince.” The Grammy-nominated singer explains that when he signed the deal for the recording he gave himself a six-week window to complete it. “After my hit single. 'Can’t Let Go,' I definitely started off feeling the pressure. You know they say pressure burst pipes and I thought if this pipe bursts, it would be filled with Gold-Dust!”

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