The hosts catch up with actress HILARY DUFF about the new series “How I Met Your Father.” Plus, “Succession” star BRIAN COX talks about his new book, and “Live’s New You in ‘22” continues with a full-body workout with wellness expert MELISSA WOOD-TEPPERBERG.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Hilary Duff Says “How I Met Your Father” Explores Dating in Your 30s

Hilary Duff Is Excited to Have Kim Cattrall on the Cast of “How I Met Your Father”

Brian Cox Doesn’t Like Knowing What Happens on “Succession” Ahead of Time

Brian Cox Talks About His Life and 60 Years as an Actor in “Putting the Rabbit in the Hat”

Brian Cox Talks About Dealing With the Loss of His Father and His Mother’s Mental Illness

A New You in ’22: Full Body Workout with Melissa Wood-Tepperberg