Actress CAREY MULLIGAN talks about the film “Promising Young Woman.” Also, TOM PAYNE chats about “Prodigal Son.”

And “Live’s JanuREADY” month-long series continues with “Fitness Week” and a HIIT workout from JESS SIMS.
Jess has been an athlete and leader her whole life. As a 3-year captain of her college basketball team, she motivated others through her own actions, leading her to amazing places off the court. Jess began her professional career as a school teacher who fearlessly opened new schools in underserved neighborhoods in Boston and NYC. After years in academics, Jess realized she was missing her athletic roots, and decided to leave school teaching to go back to the subject she’s most passionate about: fitness. At Peloton, Jess motivates Peloton’s community of over 3.6 million on the Bike, Tread and mat.

You can find Jess’ classes via the Peloton App, Peloton Bike and Bike+ and the Peloton Tread+

The Peloton App
Peloton recently extended its free trial period for the Peloton App from 30 days to 60 days. The Peloton App offers unlimited access to classes with or without equipment across categories such as indoor cycling, running, walking, strength, bootcamp, stretching, cardio, yoga, mediation, pilates and barre.
•Price: 60-day free trial followed by $12.99/mo or free for All-Access Members (i.e. Bike & Tread owners).
•The app is available on iOS, Android and web, as well as Amazon Fire TV, Apple Watch, Chromecast, Android TV, Apple TV & Roku TV
•To begin a trial of the Peloton App, please visit, or download the Peloton App in the App Store or GooglePlay

The Peloton Bike
The original Peloton Bike, loved by millions, combines fitness, technology and media to connect riders to world-class workouts (live and on-demand) led by the world’s best instructors--whenever, wherever.
•Price: $1,895 or $49/month when financed + $39/mo subscription for unlimited live and on-demand classes.

The Peloton Bike+
The Peloton Bike+ unlocks a more seamless workout by giving your indoor cycling routine what it craves: on and off-bike content. Thoughtfully designed to create an even more immersive workout, the Peloton Bike+ makes it easier to complement an indoor cycling class with Peloton’s strength, yoga, stretching and meditation classes - all from one piece of equipment.
•Price: $2,495 or $64/month when financed + $39/month subscription for unlimited live and on-demand classes

The Peloton Tread+
The Peloton Tread+ is your own private, total body fitness studio, allowing people to take live and on-demand group fitness classes from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

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