TRACY MORGAN talks about the television series “The Last O.G.” and Grammy Award winner JEWEL performs. Plus, DR. JENNIFER ASHTON returns to talk about “COVID-19 Myths VS. Truths” and home treatments for viewers.

Kelly and Ryan will also speak with ICU nurse, Liz O’Rourke.
Learn how you can join Liz in helping COVID-19 patients connect with their loved ones at


“Anxiety has been a teacher to me. It has caused me to learn there are only two basic states of being: dilated and contracted- and that every thought feeling and action led to one of those two states. Fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger, greed all led to contraction. Joy, curiosity, observation, love, gratitude all led to dilation. I learned that if I was headed into a panic attack, I could hack my way into a dilated state by focusing very hard on a different feeling. I chose gratitude. It’s amazing how profound such a single thing can be if you feel it deeply enough. It’s a practice I still use today. I’m pleased to release this new song inspired by the transformative capability of a simple feeling.”
Listen to the new song, Grateful here.
Jewel’s “Inspiring Children Foundation” for more than 18 years has been helping equip at-risk youth and families with the mindfulness tools they need to cope with anxiety, isolation, and depression, many of the same silent symptoms we are now seeing with the pandemic. Jewel is making these available online for free when you sign up at @ and To donate go to

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